The girl is not for beauty …Comes to the way of thinking!


“I was the only one who told Gopi Sundar in music discussions …”How can a small child fail when he stands in front of a sweet shop and sees all the sweets in the mirror? That feeling should be in the song. ‘ A tune was heard for a while. It was written by two. The first word in the song is ‘Guchche Gulabi’ written by Anantha Sriram Gare. I immediately liked it when he said that word. ‘Sir it’s very good. Let’s fix this. ‘ Coming down the lock, Anantha Sriram was busy so he wrote some, Srimani some. So there is a contribution of both in this songwriting. When it comes to the context of ‘gucche pink’ … the girl is fascinated by the way of thinking, not by the beauty. Good lines like ‘Heart touches’, ‘What are you doing in my thoughts’, ‘Are you looking for something new with me again and again .. Ask for an answer’, ‘Ballo Gulllo Cheppani Pathame’ fell in line with the character portrayal of the hero.
The postponement was not originally intended for release on Valentine’s Day. Works due to lactone Don’t fall! Good melody, rhythm, energy in Gopi Sundar’s melody There are. If you add good lyrics … I thought it would be better. I
Good words fell as expected. I thought then that this song would definitely reach out to the audience. Now the song is getting a special response Is happy. The film is as new as the lyrics in the song. “


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