Disagreements over choice of mayor and deputy mayors


On the election of the mayor, deputy mayor Disagreements seem to have been expressed among several MPs as well as MPs. Bind to party discipline even if there is no internal consensus There are allegations that Badi did not open his mouth. MLAs in fact The opinion is also expressed that the election did not take place as expected. Mayor, The deputy mayor also expressed disagreement over giving to two women
Are. Support of MLAs contesting for mayor and deputy mayors Being frustrated with the lack of their names being there. Initially held One thing is for sure, the campaign against the two names is going on against them Puga Atu is also being publicized in the media due to the absence of those names at present There was some confusion. But who rebuked the CM KCR Not being able to come forward and talk, they get in trouble if someone opposes Several MLAs are debating whether Valsi will back down.


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